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Croatian Coastal Licence "B Licence

As Coastal patent is the name given to boat licences in Croatia. There are the patents Boat Skipper A, B and C and Yachtmaster A. The designation is misleading in that in most countries the term "patent" is used almost exclusively for certificates of competency in professional navigation.

mydsailing croatian coast patent b licence

In Croatia, driving licences are compulsory for all boats and ships with a motor.

B certificate

Boat Skipper A

The Boat Skipper A entitles the holder to drive boats up to seven metres in length and with an engine power of 8 kW in a coastal strip up to six nautical miles from the coast (cruising area III). The minimum age for the permit is 16 years.

B certificate

Boat Skipper B

The Boat Skipper B entitles the holder to operate sailing boats and motor boats up to 30 GT. The permit is valid for sailing yachts, motor yachts and jet boats; the engine power is not limited. The permit is issued from the age of 18, for non-commercial use.

B certificate

Boat Skipper C

The Boat Skipper C includes commercial use for boats up to 30 GT without limitation of engine power. The permit is issued for a period of five years, after which a new medical examination is required.

B certificate

Yachtmaster A

The Yachtmaster A permits private and commercial navigation of sailing and motor vessels up to 100 or 200 GT. The permit is valid for five years (only for commercial activity), a new official medical examination is required after expiry.

In principle, there is no international agreement on coastal patents. Croatia is a member of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). There are agreements between all Mediterranean states on the recognition of boatmasters' licences. Training and examinations are coordinated among the members of the organisation.

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